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February 16th, 2009 by John_K · 53 Comments

We haven’t made an update on BootMii for a while but never fear, things are progressing. Part of what takes so long is figuring out what the edge cases are that could cause things to fail and in this regard we need your help!

We’ve developed a BootMii Compatibility Checker that we need as many people as possible to run on their Wii. This little utility will check your boot1 against a list of known versions and tell us if you have one that we haven’t seen. We’ve recently seen a few boot1 versions floating around that break BootMii so with your help we’re compiling a list of safe boot1’s to use in our installer so that you get a better quality BootMii.

Current stats: 428 reports of “normal” (compatible) boot1 (2cdd…), 22 reports of “variant 1” (4a7c…) and 40 reports of what I was calling the “Korean boot1” (f01e…). The latter will not be compatible with BootMii, and it looks like it’s not just Korean Wiis (or, as noted in the comments below, they could be region-changed Korean Wiis). Console IDs greater than 0x6000000 appear to be using the new “Korean” boot1, and the rest are using either the normal one or the variant.

What are you waiting for? Download and run Checker and do your part for BootMii.

Update: Checker will not work on Wiis running v3.4 of the System Menu, or version 3.3 with the October 23 IOS update, or if you have an updated IOS picked as default for libogc for whatever reason. Don’t worry, BootMii will run just fine on v3.4 when it’s released. DO NOT downgrade or do anything else just to get this to work. If it doesn’t work, it’s okay, we don’t need people doing dangerous things just to add a few extra data points.

Update: Marcan asked me to remind you that by running Checker you’re consenting to Checker sending your data about your Wii to us. Checker tells you about this when you run it, but apparently my WiFi sucks and takes longer to init than most people’s so you may not have time to read it all before it sends the info (we should have added an explicit delay there).

Update: Just to clarify Checker does not install anything on your Wii, it just collects your ConsoleID (this is used in exported save games), boot1 hash, boot2 version, region, video mode and the IOS version it’s running under and sends it back to us over Wifi. It does not peek at anything you may have installed on your Wii so you can put those tinfoil hats away now.

Update: We are in contact with the guy whose Wii has boot2 v4. Thanks everyone for helping to locate him (it was kind of scary at times) and also to the GBATemp mods for putting him in touch with us.

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  • 1 Daverball // Feb 20, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    yes it does, the korean one doesn’t work because it has the signing bug fixed, variant 1 is actually an even earlier version of boot1 than the one that most people have. Bushing made a comment on the next article about all the different boot1 versions.

  • 2 Nemno // Feb 21, 2009 at 4:10 am

    Send the info..
    After a about 8 tries… most of the time i got net_init() failed: [-116]

    I did got net_init failed at ftpii but that seems to be fixed with the new version 0.0.18, there the do a retry after the net_init() failed… and the retry does get a connection immediately.

    I launch from HBC, a connection there doesn’t mean that the the net_init() works !?
    No connection in HBC does not mean that the net_init (in ftpii) doesn’t connect :p
    I assume the net_init() code is the same ios call in ftpii as it is in bootmii_check.

    many thanks for hbc, and good luck/skill with bootmii,


  • 3 chuckthetekkie // Mar 3, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    I tried to run boot checker but it crashes

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