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Entries from October 2008

The Homebrew Channel, beta9

October 25th, 2008 · 116 Comments

Beta9 would have been out a few days ago, but then Nintendo came up with the new October 23 update with perfect timing, so we had to make sure the beta9 installer was compatible (read: exploited a new bug nobody knew about until then). So here it is. Warning: We’ve updated the ELF loader to […]

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BootMii: The Beginning

October 14th, 2008 · 94 Comments

A few days ago I posted a video of something that we’ve come to call BootMii. I think it’s time to answer some questions about what it really is, what it does, and how it will help you. Oh, and by the way, before I bore you and you stop reading this, at least note […]

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